Development strategy

Axcentua’s business idea is to develop novel crystalline forms of well documented and well characterized natural compounds with the aim of obtaining molecules permitting composition of matter patents and improved pharmaceutical properties (1).

The lead compound, genistein sodium salt dihydrate (genistein-SSDH) or AXP107-11, is a specific crystalline solid form of the natural compound genistein that has been documented in close to 10.000 scientific publications. Genistein (4’,5,7-trihydroxyisoflavone) is a naturally occurring isoflavone present in a number of plants with particularly high contents found in soybeans. Its potential as a therapeutic option for the treatment of cancer was originally based on the observed inverse relationship between the dietary intake of isoflavones such as genistein, and the incidence and mortality of prostate and breast cancer (3). Genistein has e.g. been demonstrated in both pre-clinical animal studies and clinical studies in humans to have therapeutic potential in many disease areas in addition to cancer such as women’s health (4), osteoporosis (5) and rare inherited diseases such as MPSIII or Sanfilippo syndrome (6).

By using its accelerated drug discovery strategy Axcentua has the possibility to enter clinical trials more rapidly and at lower cost compared to conventional de novo synthesis of therapeutic molecules. The approach was successfully applied in the development of genistein-SSDH, which again builds on the natural compound genistein. The novel form, genistein-SSDH, was taken from concept into the clinic in less than 24 months and with limited resources.