Welcome to Axcentua

Axcentua is a privately held clinical stage pharmaceutical development company. It is pioneering a novel strategy, crystal re-engineering, for the accelerated transition of novel promising therapeutics from the preclinical to the clinical phase. The core business idea is to decrease drug development time and cost as well as risk by creating novel crystalline forms of safe and well-characterized natural compounds with therapeutic potential. In so doing, the Company is developing new treatments for neglected diseases where treatments are either inadequate or completely lacking.

Currently, Axcentua’s lead compound, AXP107-11 or genistein sodium salt dihydrate (genistein-SSDH), is undergoing a clinical phase Ib/IIa trial in pancreatic cancer. The compound’s utility as a treatment for an autosomal recessive lysosomal storage disease, MPSIII (Mucopolysaccharidosis III) or Sanfilippo syndrome, is also under evaluation.

Intellectual property protection of the crystalline form, the crystallization process, composition of matter, and therapeutic use of genistein-SSDH is already secured through a granted US patent and filed PCT applications in other major markets.